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Happy new year to you all 🥂

Happy and Sparkling New Year to All.

I see the James Webb Space Telescope launched without a hitch and is now on its way to Lagrange point L2. That was a bonus Christmas present for me.

Go, Webb!

Merry Christmas everyone, hope you all have a great time.

Hello everyone.
Good to be part of this new system and I hope it works out for you.
A link to the Coffee Room is now on the home page of U3A Communities.
Fingers crossed the partnership is useful for both u3a organisations.
Merry Christmas.

Happy Christmas from the ‘new guy.’


Very true Tom I’ll look at the settings


Aaaaaaahhhh . . . . arrived at last. But surprised it’s not ‘blog-fashion’ – laatest comments on top, oldest at bottom

Welcome to everyone who has logged on in the last few days. Please feel free to start a chat.

logo and colours updated on wiki

Hello Ian
Glad you made it on OK. Did you have any issues?

I have just come here to have a look round and fill in my profile a bit

Is there anyone there?

Hello I got here.

Welcome to our coffee shop, please feel free join in the chat. Simply register and log in.
It’s always open just bring your coffee

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