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Linda Clark

It was Census Day in Scotland yesterday. A year later than the rest of the UK due to Covid. We were encouraged to complete it online and before the official day of Sunday 20th March. Very straight forward. Some questions eg place of birth and name before marriage were not included. Not sure that it will be as useful for future genealogists.

Linda Clark

I have a collection of china decorated with a violet flowers and leaves. This came about because my Mother had a china tray on her dressing table with this pattern on it which I loved to look at but was not allowed to touch. My collection began when Mother decided to have a clear out and the tray was one of the items destined for a jumble sale. I rescued it, of course, and have been steadily adding items to the collection ever since.

Perhaps you have you got a collection that you would like to tell us about?


1921 census is now available online from Find my Past, for all keen Family genealogist.

You don’t need a subscription for findmypast but do have to pay for each image or transcription that you download.


On http://www.u3acommunities.org we run a regular monthly history study group. Our next session will be “The History of Writing” — from Sumerian cunieform to Word Processing.