Terms of Use

Any online community like ours needs to have a few guidelines regulating the conduct of its members. Our rules are indeed few in number but they are vital in ensuring that all members enjoy their time in the vU3A.

To protect your Account, keep your password confidential. You are responsible for the activity that happens on or through your Account. Try not to reuse your PB Wiki Account password on other applications.

The primary function of this PB Wiki site is to provide a home for a wide range of interest groups within the Virtual U3A (vU3A), operating on the basis of collaborative learning.

Although ‘freedom of speech’ is an admirable concept, an online community needs to function in a general atmosphere of harmony and good spirits. Anything that jeopardises this for the majority of members or for members of a particular group is to be deplored.

All members are expected to observe the guidelines.

  • First time offenders will be alerted to the fact that their behaviour is unacceptable.
  • Continued or repeat offending is likely result in expulsion from vU3A, without entitlement to a refund.

The following are considered serious offences:

  • The use of profanities, as well as racist or sexually explicit remarks
  • Insulting language about or directed at fellow members
  • Sending private chat or email to another member who has asked you to stop doing so

In addition, the following actions could well lose you friends or, demotion to ‘Reader’ status or ultimate loss of membership:

  • Becoming unduly argumentative or unnecessarily aggressive in the use of language
  • Posting disproportionately long messages or comments
  • Posting unduly frequent messages or comments
  • Showing a lack of respect for others and the views of others in the use of intolerant language
  • Ignoring requests from fellow members to modify unacceptable behaviour
  • Consistent failure to adhere to the conventions of wiki editing and/or the wishes of others in the group

Everyone’s help is needed to maintain good relations and a pleasant atmosphere. We hope you agree and thank you for your cooperation.

The vU3A Committee 2019