Useful Links

e-Newsletters from the vU3A  use this link to read current and past Newsletters from us.  Usually sent out on the 15th of the Month

Excel Easy – We offer a tutorial on how to use Excel. Want to learn much more about Excel? You can find related examples and features (300 Examples). We keep it easy! and it’s 100% free.

Creative Commons – A great place to share copyright free images. A lot of the images on this site are from them.

Franklin Virtual Schools
Free GED (General educational development)
If you are interested in a free GED program you have come to the right place. – Wikipedia advertises itself as ‘the encyclopedia that anyone can edit’. It can provide a lively source of research material.

Open University’s OpenLearn: Or read up on the initiative at (no www needed)

Future Learn:  Free Online Courses covering an amazing amount of subjects 

Ultimate Guide to Free Online Courses    A useful in-depth guide to online courses

Webopedia – A very useful site if you are struggling with computer jargon!

U3A Online –  Online U3A Australia Courses. These are informal, and similar to what you get in Australia U3A centres.  There are some very informative courses if you are interested in leaning about Australia

My U3A– connecting with members of U3As throughout the world

U3A Communities – run by a group of volunteers who share an interest in the use of technology to enhance the U3A experience.

Suggestions: we would like to hear from you with your suggestions for further links to educational or other resources of interest to vU3A members.